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Vans in the autumn and winter of this year has brought a series of products Mountain Edition the main function of the shoes, which is also essential. Vans MTE Sk8-Hi Old Skool and Vans Sidestripe with two pairs of iconic fringe shoes as the blueprint to the requirements of the revised MTE series: shoes on leather or suede after all? Scotchgard technology to modify, enhance the waterproof performance; it used wool production, warm and breathable; followed by ring design, convenient wearing; floor design can effectively increase insulation, heat preservation; mountaineering shoes design used shoelaces, to firmly end with waffle bottom; the characteristics of absorption, climbing shoes design requirements, more slip resistant. shoes a total of Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping three different color collocation, with a pair of light brown Nubuck show, another double appearance of dark grey suede, finally used a pair of strong texture black leather. Wool reinforcement design car line, exposed on the welt can reflect the details of the perfect. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog tomorrow is June 25th, it is a year Go Skateboarding Days world skateboarding day! This year coincides with the Vans brand was founded in 50th anniversary, it and skateboard (base) such as rubber like (love) (four) paint (shooting) natural needless to say, we take a look at this Sk8er belongs to all day exactly how to play! "around the wo Cheap air jordans for sale rld skateboarding day" Vans 50th anniversary this special year, vigorously support the natural expression of the slide must be Vans, light is the 50 skate shop Vans Asia Asia Pacific will be combined with the best brings together "world skateboarding day" activities, and China in mainland China accounted for 23! You can take a skateboard to spread across the country, "go skateboarding day" skateboard shop, participate in the local "world skateboarding day". Let us return to the streets, together around the slide, the event will have a small gifts, food and so on. Please click on the slide around specific routes: http://vans.com.cn/skate5050/china/ view?. shop is as follows: Fly, Beijing: Blue limit?? Shanghai: Fly, Guangzhou: Hero The? Place Retro jordans for sale 1985 Shenzhen: Chengdu: POGO Woll Up Changsha: Zhengzhou: Hangzhou: Zhangjiagang Fly 50 411 Fantasy: Shenyang: Nanning: Jiangmen: Hola If #88 : Kunming Nantong limit: Xi'an: Masu Dali station Streetwarn Space: Nanjing: Foshan: Quanzhou: Volcano WSP X-Team Tianjin: Wuhan: Your Skate Home 50/50 "video game world skateboarding dayOf course is absolutely essential online activities, Vans will this year by #VANS5050# and #VANSSKATE# two tags as the 2016 world skateboarding day micro-blog topic, you can have the most creative and original fun 50/50 Skateboarding Video in the micro-blog platform to upload, and then hit on the topic label @Vanschina activities, you can participate in the online video game skate. Vans will select the best contestants Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping gift Vans shoes, T-Shirts, hats and prizes. House of Vans is the first station in Chengdu! at the same time, the June 25th World skateboarding day is 2016 House of Vans the first station in Chengdu open day, skateboarding, art and music three plates are indispensable! V Boin the Celtics match, LeBron James wearing a new LeBron X PE exposure. We've seen the LeBron X, even the cork material and the fabric of the denim made by Hyperfuse, and the suede material was on the LeBron X for the first time. This new PE suede shoe body by black suede lining Swoosh to create collocation orange, orange line embroidered on the heel, the bottom with yellow ink details. There is no marketing plan, so for the time being, only LeBron's PE. 2013-1-29 08:42 Retro jordans for sale upload download attachment (355.98, KB) 2013-1-29 08:42 upload download attachment (279.93, KB) 2013-1-29 08:43 upload download attachment (325.9, KB) 2013-1-29 08:43 upload download attachment (318.52, KB) NIKE started out time and again launched a new generation of KOBE boots as the saying goes, "if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools.". For top class players such as Kobe and Bryant, the right gear can perform a greater degree of self - combat. With the 2012-2013 season, Kobe fans for a new generation of shoes of the sense of anticipation is increasingly strong. The long-awaited, NIKE finally launched a new KOBE The Kobe 8 System boots shoes. 's new generation of sneakers brings together a cheap jordans for sale mens whole new set of skills. For the first time using the new Nike Engineered Mesh technology to create a shoe body, its unique light and comprehensive permeability, can provide maximum comfort, make all kinds of movements are flexible, quick step. This technology also has strong support, ductility and tight package, suitable for Kobe movement characteristics. The new The Kobe 8 System has created a series of light weight, only 273 grams (9.6 ounces) weight. In the design process of the new shoes, creative director Eric Avar Kobe Bryan after listening to the views, according to the Kobe Bryant hope to be able to more accurately reflect the situation of his actions and provide excellent protection for the adjustment and reform. The enhanced full -len cheap jordans online gth Lunarlon has greater stability, providing buffering and protection. At the same time, more light and closer to the ground, so that the completion and start of various actions can be instantaneous response. new The Kobe 8 System a total of two color styles, in addition to the domineering black and yellow color, as well as a specifically designed special version of Chinese snake. Black yellow color will be officially released on December 20th, rough design shoes will be sold in China in January 12th next year, while the United States is to wait until February 2nd. The series price has not been announced. NIKE started out time and again launched a new generation of KOBE boots NIKE started out time and again launched a new generation of cheap jordans for sale KOBE boots NIKE started out time and again launched a new generation of KOBE boots time and again come out of the NIKE KOBE launched a new generation of boots time and again come out of the NIKE KOBE launched a new generation of boots NIKE started out time and again launched a new generation of KOBE boots NIKE started out time and again launched a new generation of KOBE boots "JR Smith up foot new Nike Air Python "Orange" 2013-12-09 00:03:21 this summer, was born in 1987; Nike Air Python for the first time regression, design elements, the shoes with Air Jordan 2 and Air Force 2 two shoes in 1987, this shoe was rare form of limited sale, this is the first shoe from the stadium became "trend" in. After , in successive sale o cheap foamposites f two different colors of the Nike Air Python recently is a new color frequently exposed, but recently, general Nicks JR Smith personally on foot a never been exposed to all Nike Air orange; Python , shoes with full orange leather material to create shoes in the end, with a white, it is not clear that this will be a commercially available version of shoes or JR my PE, more details please pay attention to our follow-up reports. 〈br adidas="" eqt="" restoration="" and="" innovation="" of="" the="" collision="" support="" ultra="" 2017-02-09="" 14:34:41 this year is undoubtedly the Renaissance year of Adidas EQT series, Adidas is more popular shoes UltraBOOST series soul into EQT shoes, launched a new EQT Support Ultra. Th cheap jordan shoes for men e adidas introduced three brand new colors for the shoe. The uppers were made of high quality suede, mesh and leather stitching, and the classic three bar shoelace system was also retained. Three color matching will be on the 11 of this month shelves, like friends may wish to act as soon as possible. Nike CTR360 Maestri III for the midfield maestro tailored new boots (click to see more detail photos) Nike has launched a new design of the CTR 360 Maestri III sneakers for players trying to control the tempo of the game. "Maestri" in Italian as "master", again innovative shoes performance allows players to more freely control the football, so as to control the whole game. so who is the master of the midfield? Players who have the perfect ability to control the ball, when they receive the ball, can reasonably grasp the rhythm of the game, while using an open field of vision and accurate pass, to create opportunities to change the situation. The Barcelona midfielder Andreas club? Iniesta, Arsenal's new generation of players Jack? Wilshire and the Brazil team will Ganso, wearing the CTR 360 Maestri III in the field. The redesign of the new CTR360 Maestri III has enhanced touch, grip, support and light comfort. The use of a new generation of Kanga-Lite synthetic material ensures both touch and solid wear. The new shoes also use the new All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, whether in dry or humid environment, can maintain the same excellent ball control force. The innovative features of shoes include a further upgrade of the 3D control pad. The technique uses several individual ball bearings of different sizes to tightly wrap the arches of the foot to achieve maximum contact with the football area, thereby optimizing the accuracy of catching and passing. 's asymmetrical shoelace system increases the ball handling area, while the new streamlined styling greatly improves the sensitivity of the ball. The concave texture at the midsole increases friction and reinforces the ball handling and touch of the player. The sole reaction new design more quickly, and using 360 degree hobnail configuration, medial and lateral spikes with round, sharp shaped spikes, this design aims to provide the most comfortable feeling; midfield players need to frequently change to stop on the pitch, the shoes fully meet their needs. share: sina sports official micro-blog 2013 year will be the first year of color matching, Air, Jordan, V regression, then there will be more new colors? Black color, whether you are interested in? Now, eBay has appeared samples of pure black Air Jordan V, which were exposed at the beginning of last year. 2013-1-18 08:46 upload download attachment (184.59, KB) 2013-1-18 08:46 upload download attachment (146.57, KB) 2013-1-18 08:46 upload download attachment (142.2, KB) 2013-1-18 08:46 upload download attachment (164.96, KB) 2013-1-18 08:46 upload download attachment (186.63, KB) 2013-1-18 08:46 upload download attachment (171.96, KB)

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