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Jordan Super.Fly 2 "Leather" version of sample exposure 2014-02-24 21:02:39 version of Jordan Super.Fly 2 uses the Hyperfuse material uppers, light and durable features, more suitable for fierce competition confrontation. In front of this "Leather" version of the use of a large area of high-quality leather to create uppers, so that the overall texture of a grade, but also with a more obvious leisure atmosphere. It is reported that this version is designed for the daily wear of players under the special design, it can be seen that Jordan Brand is very intimate. City Blue three Air Jordan 2016-03-23 11:39:28 days ago from Philadelphia shoe store City Blue Retro jordans for sale announced the official held a "mysterious Monday" activities, during which they will sell three original popular overflowing Jordan 11 - Jordan 11 Air Air "Gamma Blue" and "Legend Blue" and "72-10". Although the quantity and the selling time are not clear at the moment, it's good to have such a chance. Also hope that the domestic shoes shop can make some such activities, after all, to attract popularity is kingly way. Hyperfuse, 's previous World Championship version, Nike, believes many people are impressed. Now, there are more pictures of the new colors for this shoe. You can see that the shoes are very rich in color, black, low-key, yellow, lively, blue, refreshing, differ Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ent colors give a different feeling. Kasina, a well-known store from South Korea, has come back to the recently revived and active Reebok collaboration, taking on the famous cartoon character Dooly from South Korea and bringing together three party shoes. Born in South Korea in 1983, Dooly has been popular for nearly 30 years, this time with Kasina and Reebok, presumably some popularity is not low, the launch is in classical style as the main body of the joint shoes, including Victory Pump, Phase 3 Runner and Topdown three type of shoes, which is currently two has been the first exposure, for more information please continue to lock 1626 follow-up Eddie Cruz cheap foamposites and Nike was one of the most famous global cooperation shoe UNDFTD fish Dunk High finally got the news release! In December this year, the shoes will be available at House, of, Hoops and Foot Locker, will Beijing's HOH be available? Worth looking forward to! in the spring of 1985, the United States millions of TV viewers saw such an advertisement: a basketball quickly rolled to one end of the court, waiting there for a handsome guy easily wearing color sports shoes foot ball hook into the palm, began to move the ball, and at the same time, came the harsh noise of engine engine, engine roared louder, the boy will soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising was Jordan's "wal cheap jordan shoes for men king in the clouds", even if he had never seen a basketball game before. The ad is not only a demonstration of Jordan's special flying ability, but also hints at the inevitable link between the shoes at his feet. And in that ad, the amazing guy is the famous NBA sports star Michael Jordan, whose sneakers are the famous brand "Nike"". Before retiring, Jordan sincerely lamented: "Phil knight and Nike turned me into a fantasy figure." He is here is the knight "Nike", the founder of a small company into a large group, once unknown to the public Jordan pushed the position of the stars. failed the athletes of the 1938, a normal boy was born in the United States, and most of his peers Retro jordans for sale , he love sports, playing basketball, baseball, running, his name is Phil Knight, as an ordinary young man, he is very familiar with the Adidas, Puma this kind of sports brand, but surprisingly that is, is this ordinary guy, then create a new brand of Nike, even more than the Adidas dominance in sports field. Knight has been very love sports, his high school paper is almost all related to the movement, even the university has chosen is the track and field sports base in University of Oregon. Although the knight love movement, but just a mediocre 1 mile runner, his worst result is 4 minutes and 13 seconds, a world-class athletes did not enter the ranks, like him a little too many Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping people! But fortunately so today, otherwise we will not see a a great entrepreneur. In Oregon, Knight met his good teachers and helpful friends is their coach, Bill bormann. Bowerman broke the world record for long-distance running in 50s, and the city of Eugene, Oregon, became famous. He is a man of great enterprise and is bent on moving his team over the other teams. Race training, athlete's foot disease is the most common mistakes, Bowerman would like to design a shoe, light and support and good, small friction force and strong stability, it can reduce the athletes foot pain, get a good result. so she designed several sports shoes. He found several shoe company, but nobody a cheap jordans for sale mens nswered him, his stubborn Bormann simply consult the cobbler, learned to make shoes, in a sports meeting, his athletes put on by his hand made, looks very ugly but lightweight and comfortable shoes, it ran out the than any games are a good place. After graduation, Knight continued to study for a MBA degree from Stanford University, and Bowerman will continue to.Data map again on Valentine's day, love running, of course you want to send some running related gifts to your sister, send a watch, sister every time you run can think of you. , Apple, Watch, Series, 2 Apple Watch Series 2 and Nike to launch a Apple Watch Nike+, although the running performance may be less than the f cheap jordans online ollowing recommended running professional watches, but I still want to put this table as the preferred recommendation: more suitable for entry to the woman running, more convenient operation, more fashion, more important is this the Apple! Seamless with iPhone, and dazzling dazzle tech applications, it will meet your needs not just for running, it may be difficult to move away from it either in sport or in life. of course, if you want to send a sister section, not limited to this Nike+ fruit table, to a value of only 11888RMB HERMES cooperation is not impossible. , SUUNTO, SPARTAN, SPORT, SAKURAIn fact, SUUNTO before Ambit2 and 3 generation thick and thin wrist watch girl Cheap air jordans for sale is not particularly collocation, and most began to watch is very troublesome, if not a long distance cross-country (can run long distance cross-country girl, when she is the man you just need it), may not need the ambit 3 level peak full function watch. After the launch of SUUNTO SPARTAN, the software has gone back on track after several rounds of firmware updates, although it has been unstable for a while. The SUUNTO version of the SPARTAN SPORT is enough to cope with the usual smart step assist + stable GPS running function, while also with very powerful Movescount. Cherry Blossom color is also very suitable for girls to wear. Of course, if the other is a more loving black s cheap jordans for sale ister, Ultra's titanium alloy black version is more suitable for her. , Garmin, Jiaming, vivomove what if you love running and have a girlfriend who doesn't run? Want to make her healthier, but it can't make people run?. Garmin's Vivomove might be perfect for her. This watch is actually a perfect Bracelet + a stylish watch fusion. The first thing to be reminded of is that this watch does not run. It can be monitored for activities, sedentary reminders, sleep monitoring, data synchronization, etc.. Sports bracelets are popular in the market. Using sports bracelets to make my sister fall in love with sports should be a great thing. although I don't run, I may 〉X SOLE " Yu Shuai V... TITLE="...; write before the advent of VI Lining ... Yu Shuai; X SOLE Yu Shuai V... " /〉 ... yesterday in a NBA game, the Toronto raptors, Spain, Calderon, put on a new pair of sneakers....This pair of shoes is the name of " VI" Yu Shuai; generation. Yes, Lining's most high-end basketball shoes products Yu handsome sixth generation products... ... this means that, from this day... Lining Yu handsome basketball shoes into his sixth year... ... of course, you might have to wait patiently for some time to buy these shoes... But after all, he's already here... today's hero is not the shoes. Only in the handsome V generation is going to drive from the stage of history, I want to put him out to chat..... There is a strong significance... today to say this pair of handsome V... there are two reasons for Yu..... first, this pair of shoes is Lining and the famous American shoes magazine SOLE jointly launched a souvenir product..... in order to commemorate the establishment of Li Ning Co 20th anniversary and SOLE magazine Chinese version of officially landed in China... second, this pair of shoes before long in the most famous basketball website HOOPCHINA above, with the price of 3400 yuan to be auctioned... and the proceeds from the auction will be donated to some children in the mountains of Yunnan by the HC Foundation... from these two angles... These shoes are still very memorable... from the angle of design, this pair of shoes in appearance still maintained a handsome appearance on behalf of Yu V. But with some interesting elements... ... the whole design concept came from the clothes the students wore 20 years ago, and these clothes, you and I may all go through..... , for example, the classic blue jacket, such as white eel, rice shoes, and so on, like red scarves..... , think of us 20 years ago, it all seems like this... It's a wonderful memory..... today, this shoe design elements are applied to the designers of these shoes design... In order to commemorate the past 20 years........

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